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Steps to getting your home SOLD!

1. The Right Agent

Finding the right agent to work with is a big step.  The process of selling is complex. Having an agent that knows the market and has a drive to get your home sold makes it less stressful on you, the seller.  She has a passion for helping others in any circumstance and season of their life.   

2. Setting Goals / Reaching Goals

The purpose for your goal can determine how soon you need to reach your goal.  Job transfer, growing family, new school district?  Timing is everything!  Working with your agent and having someone “listen” to you is probably the most important in the process!  An agent can determine not only by market value, but need of selling your home or property. You need someone to work with you and for you, showing they are on the same team!  

3. Preparing Your Home for the Market 

As overwhelming as it seems, a step by step approach will help you have your home ready in no time! Schedule a “judge free” walk through and allow Leigh to show you simple ways to prepare your home for the market.  Organizing, purging, and staging tips are just a few ways you can get your home sold. 

4. Market Value

Knowing the market is an equally important key.  An overpriced home equals many days on the market. Get a market analysis to show you where the market values are in your area.  Your listing price will help determine how soon you want to sell your property! 

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